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An example of my website design:
Change Catalyst

There are millions of websites on the internet. Tons of them belong to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers–but unfortunately, most of those should-be-remarkable websites are dry, boring, templated sites that barely feature a photo and a name to distinguish them from the rest of the herd.

That’s not what you want, is it? You want a virtual home that embodies your purpose, your business, your message. Photos, colors, and content should ring with originality and uniqueness; every word and every pixel should be an expression of your mission and passion. Functionality should be built into every page so that the text is clear and legible, the images load quickly and look good in every browser, and your message is unmistakable.

And it should be easy for everyone involved. If you want to manage your website yourself, updates and changes shouldn’t be rocket science – they’ve gotta be quick and simple. And if you don’t want to mess with it, you don’t have to; I’ll handle it for you. Furthermore, the people who are right for you should be able to find you easily in the search engines, and they should be able to zoom through your site to find exactly what they need. No confusion, no hassle, no stress.

Ultimately, your website is about you. Everything that makes you stand out – your quirks, strengths, and flair – should resonate throughout your website. It should be a home to your business and an open door to your audience, targeting the people who are perfect for you.

If that’s exactly what you want, you’ve come to the right place.

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