The Design Process

Whether you want a blog, an online store, or a basic webpage, you and I will first figure out exactly how you want your site to look. To streamline the process and minimize confusion, I’m going to show you the step-by-step development.

The Process

  1. You either tell me about your dream site in detail or fill out a short questionnaire.
  2. We talk. I make sure I understand exactly what you want. You make sure you understand the process of building your site. This is where you figure out if I’m right for you and where I make sure I can accomplish all of your requirements.
  3. Once you decide that you definitely want to work with me, I tell you up-front how much everything will cost, and we figure out a good payment schedule. The usual method is half up front, half after completion, or a third up front, a third in the middle, and a third after completion. I am flexible, however.
  4. Go-time! I take everything you’ve told me and create the first draft of your site, then present it to you for review. We’re only looking at design (colors, layout, images) here, not content.
  5. You tell me what you love, what you want to change, and how you want it changed. (E.g. “switch this red for purple” or “make the font bigger,” that sort of thing.)
  6. I take your feedback and implement it, then return the second iteration of your site to you.
  7. We have up to three rounds of major revisions. If you want or need more, it’ll cost a little extra for the additional time spent.
  8. Once you’re totally happy with the design, we move on to content. Huzzah! You might provide it to me, or I might create it for you, all depending on your individual needs.