A Short Questionnaire To Get Started

If you already have a specific, detailed picture of your dream site, you can skip the questionnaire and just describe it to me in your own words. If, however, you’re eager but don’t quite know the nitty-gritty yet, go ahead and answer the below questions.

  1. What is the name of your website? If you have a tagline or slogan, what is it?
  2. What does your website do? Does it provide information, engage visitors, sell products or services?
  3. Who is your target audience? Are they computer-savvy? How old are they? What’s their average income? Describe your ideal customer or reader to me as though you were talking about a good friend.
  4. Do you have any images (photos or logos) that you want to feature on your site? If so, please provide them so I can make sure the site matches them.
  5. What kind of content will your site have? Products (and images and descriptions), available services, informational pages, etc. Do you already have this content, or do you need help creating it? How many pages/products do you want ready when your site goes live?
  6. Do you want to update your site yourself, or would you like to pay me to do it for you? If you want to do it yourself, are you comfortable with code, or do you want a simple and easy interface?
  7. How do you want your website to look and feel? (E.g. “warm and welcoming,” “simple and spacious,” “professional and polished,” “hearty and passionate,” “elegant and refined,” “colorful and playful,” etc.)
  8. What colors would you like to feature on the site? (If you don’t know, that’s okay; answering the above question will give me a good idea.)
  9. What colors do you absolutely not want on your site?
  10. Is there anything else I should know about what you want and don’t want for your dream site?

Please answer as many questions as you can and email them to me. We can also get together on the phone to discuss your answers, but please email them to me first, so I can keep them for my reference.