Blog & Site Design Portfolio

My shtick and my strengths: I primarily work with WordPress, which is free blog software that is amazingly easy for anyone to use – it’s what I suggest if the site owner needs to be able to frequently update the site but doesn’t know any programming. WordPress is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, it’s flexible, and it has plenty of add-ons to expand its functionality. I also create static site designs from scratch, which is ideal for those who don’t need to constantly add content to the site and know the basics of HTML. I can also do small-scale or medium-scale online stores.

This isn’t all I’ve done. This is just a sampling, a preview. In fact, I’ve also worked with people who wanted me to tweak their website or theme, instead of create one from scratch: check out Unleash and Change Catalyst for some of my favorite examples. In fact, the owners of both of those sites said some great things about working with me!

PS: I’m just the designer; I’m not responsible for the content on live sites below. None of it, to my knowledge, is inappropriate, but since I didn’t write it, I can’t be held accountable for it.

This portfolio is arranged from newest to oldest.
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Request: Solid Foundation for Freedom

Request: Professional, Warm, Sharp

Request: Stylishly Old-Fashioned

Request: Welcoming, Honest, Desert-Themed

Request: Oaken, Concise, Smooth

Example: Small-Scale Online Store

Request: Foliage, Clean, Simple

Request: Autumnal, Earthy, Simple v1.0

Request: Notebook-Themed, Alien, Vivid

Request: Corporate, Branded, Simple

Request: Art Nouveau, Purple, Elegant

Request: Cool Tranquility, Comfortable Reliance, v2.0

Request: Vibrant, Creative, Swirly

Request: Celestial, Dark, Crisp

Request: Spacious, Uncomplicated, Forested

Request: Fiery, Welcoming, Kemetic

Request: Teal, Sharp, Saturated

Request: Creative, Colorful, Denim

Request: Science Fiction / Fantasy, Golden

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