What People Are Saying

From Kaitlyn of KEMyers.com:

“Andi transforms the process of web design from the technical manipulation of code into a wondrous art form. Through a series of thoughtful, friendly conversations, Andi got to the heart of not only how I wanted my blog to function, but also how I wanted it to feel. The final design visually conveys my site’s purpose before a visitor even reads his first word. And yet, Andi went beyond the already impressive achievement of including absolutely everything I requested — the website incorporated novel elements which perfectly meshed with my original idea! As for the single aspect of the site’s initial draft which I considered changing? Andi whipped up a second copy within a day or two, allowing me to compare and contrast. We talked about the pros and cons, and eventually decided upon the original version. I am thrilled with the final product and can’t wait to start using my new site!”

From Patrick Hester of All Things From My Brain:

“Andi Mancuso provides outstanding service, creative excellence and innovative design on every project. Questions are answered quickly, time-lines are made and kept and the results speak for themselves. If you need a site that is going to look good, be easy to navigate and have the bells & whistles you want on the back end, Andi is the person who can make that happen.

From Shanna Mann of Change Catalyst:

“Andi is completely awesome to work with. She really listens to your desires (even when they’re only nebulous and half-formed), and she gives them full weight and makes them happen to your specifications, instead of, as so many do, trying to press you into a mold whether it’s a perfect fit or not. Hire her, now. You will not be sorry.

From Erin of Unleash:

“I couldn’t have made it over here on my own. I reached out. I asked my friend Andi to help me because Andi is someone I like and trust. I got a response right away. Overnight I had this whole new home and Andi was really amazing at walking me through the different steps, holding my hand and making it fun. If you want to get a new internet home built to your liking, I recommend making friends with Andi yourself. It’s awesome!”

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